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Communication and Intimacy

This post aims to help you to cultivate your personal, intimate life. First, we will look at the connection between communication and intimacy. You will share tested tips on how to have a conversation about intimacy. Then we will look in detail at how to talk about intimacy. You will learn the following:   How to improve your intimacy with a single habit? How to learn more about the other...
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Psychologically Safe Space on the Set

Psychologically Safe Space on the Set [wtr-time] In 1999 Dr. Amy C. Edmondson coined the term psychological safety, and it refers to our perception of consequences when taking risk. In other words, in a psychologically safe space, one believes that they won’t be punished or humiliated when they speak up or share their ideas, even if the ideas are not what others agree with. The psychologically safe space allows creative…

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Ethical Porn Is Not a Genre

Ethical Porn Is Not a Genre [wtr-time] I have been in the industry since 2010, being able to explore the ethical production of intimate scenes. In addition I interviewed many people from the industry and was able to broadened my understanding of the topic “Porn isn’t just about supplying labour in the market economy, this is a very personal investment on the part of the supplier [contributor/performer]. You need to…

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How I Started Modelling Nude On The Internet

How I Started Modelling Nude On The Internet [wtr-time] I am from Colombia, a very conservative country, where anything that is out of the ordinary is seen as taboo and society is in charge of reproving and condemning it. Despite that, I had a special interest in lingerie and the Boudoir photography style, but I never imagined that I would end up modelling naked on the internet. I moved to…

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Have you considered…?

Have You Considered…? [wtr-time] April this year (2020) will mark my 10 year anniversary of working in the porn industry. I have modelled, organised and produced shoots and I have spoken with many applicants who were considering to do paid nude work. Some of them did it, and others decided not to go ahead. This is what I’ve learned.  Talking with women (there were very few male applicants) of different…

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The Porn we like

Ethical, Empowering& Tasteful.The Porn we like! [wtr-time] “Porn will be there whether you want it or not. And either you do nothing, stay passive and watch from the side how people get harmed OR you take an active stand and work toward creating an ethical adult media industry.” Porn has a long history of being dirty and filthy. It is recognized as a non-artistic form of sexual expression. Often seen…

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