RedCheeks is a place

for open conversation

about intimacy.

Intimacy is a natural part of life and one of our most essential needs. Yet, there’s resistance towards talking about it enough. The RedCheeks organisation was founded to create a safe space for open-minded conversation about intimacy.

Let’s Talk About the Taboo

What’s the deal

with adult media?

We live in an unimagined world where almost any information is as close as a touch of a screen. In a world where people don’t talk enough about sexuality, adult media often fills in the missing part of intimate education. Porn affects our culture and personal lives, but there are no guidelines for producing it. We believe that the real change starts at the beginning…

In Production

The RedCheeks Academy was founded as the missing link in education about producing intimate scenes. The curriculum draws from more than ten years of experience in the field. The workshop Intimacy on Screen is suited for professionals working in production and anyone who is curious and wants to develop or practice skills essential for an ethical approach.

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Companies that produce, distribute the media or recruit the talents.

Companies producing adult media often have an excellent opportunity to make a meaningful change in the industry. We offer independent consulting to help these companies establish sound and ethical processes. So if you are a business owner or looking to start one, get in touch and get off on the right foot.

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Something for everyone

The change often starts with an open-minded conversation. The RedCheeks podcast is a place to learn about intimacy on screen and in life. Eavedrop to Izabela’s interviews with people from the adult industry and many other walks of life on any major podcasting platform.

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The RedCheeks Academy

The change in adult media starts in production.