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Yasmeena Ali

Yasmeena Ali is a porn performer, BDSM lover and feminist. She was born in Afganistan and raised in an Islamic family who emigrated to the UK when she was nine years old. Right now, she is a strong and independent woman, exploring her sexuality and doing what she loves the most – being in front of the camera and sharing the beauty of her body and mind. We talked about how growing up in Islamic tradition impacted her sexual exploration. Yasmeena walked me through her life and the difficulties she faced when living with her family. We spoke about her mentors, sexual education, and the escape from home to a better and self-depended future, where she decides who to love, what to wear, or do. We discussed what the adult media industry is missing and what we should be focusing on to make it a better place.  

Podcast Navigation

00:03:12 – Start
00:08:50 – Introduction to Yasmeena’s background and sex work
00:14:22 – Memories and key moments from life in Afganistan from the perspective of 9 years old girl
00:22:50 – Education in the UK
00:31:50 – The journey from Afganistan to the UK
00:38:50 – Living in the UK – adapting to different culture and lifestyle
00:47:27 – Mentors, people who helped to navigate in the new world
00:50:20 – Sex education in school and exploring intimacy
00:57:34 – First sexual experience
01:05:20 – Non-muslim relationship, first time falling in love, and running away from home
01:26:10 – Discovering own sexuality and pleasure, BDSM
01:33:45 – Introduction to nude modelling and webcamming
01:44:15 – Rules in the relationship between her and her husband to ensure the relationship is growing, open relationship
01:48:15 – First porn shoot and boundaries
01:56:45 – Porn that is designed to please men’ needs – Yasmeena’s thoughts on this, and things that are missing in porn
02:10:25 – Being respected and in control in a porn shoot, Onlyfans experience and negative payment experience
02:21: 12 – Regrets
02:23:45 – Last question about family and their knowledge about Yasmeena’s work


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“Story of O” by Pauline Réage – according to Amazon it’s “The classic French erotic bestseller that preceded Fifty Shades of Grey” 😉
Cam model community website –

Yasmeena’s sites and social media:
IG: Yasmeena’s Instagram account

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