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Sally F.B.

Sally F.B, a screenwriter and film director, diversity consultant for film and TV. Sally has written and directed a few films for Erika Lust Production (“Tinder taxi”, “Blind(ed) date”, “Another Sex Dimension”, “Touch Crimes”, and “A road to conquer”). Her films convey important messages that the current world must see and hear. For example, “SkinHearts” talks about the importance of touch and the change in the society that lack of it creates. This short film is so up-to-date, especially during the Covid pandemic, though Sally produced this film years before the pandemic hit us. Another of her creations, “Unburied”, portrays the effects of hostile migration policies and is a visual poem dedicated to thousands of Africans that have drowned in the sea while trying to migrate to Europe. She has a unique way of perceiving the world and I am glad that she can express it through her work; the work that is in a way weird and very authentic.

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00:02:15 – Citizen of the future
00:07:50 – “SkinHearts” and predicting future ;), Importance of touch, unsuccessful Tinder dates as inspiration
00:19:00 – Childhood and career path, getting the first job on a film set, overcoming perfectionism
00:50:10 – The start of an adventure with EL productions, working with intimacy on-screen 00:59:25 – Challenges for real sex scenes
01:18:25 – Meditation, observation of thoughts and reactions


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