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Richard Lawrence

Today I am talking with Richard Lawrence, the owner and funder of the company that runs a few different platforms with erotic media.

Richard started with an intention of humanising the idea of porn. He did not want to show it through the male gaze perspective and he thought that it would be more interesting to give a woman a camera and to let her express herself. This is how I Shot Myself, Beautiful Agony and I Feel Myself were created.

In today’s podcast, Richard told us different stories from his personal life, and one of them stood out for me the most, and it was the story of his first kiss with the babysitter. We also talked about more serious topics like socially responsible erotica and the importance of values that the porn portraits.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Richard, and I hope you will enjoy this interview too. He is a very interesting person with a tone of experience to share.

Podcast Navigation

00:00:40 Start 
00:02:10 Teenage years 
00:18:20 First kiss (babysitter story)
00:20:50 Favorite sexy scene from a film (Fear and Donnie Darko)
00:23:10, ISM, BA and IFM – description of the company 
00:32:20 Why porn is taboo – Richards take on this
00:38:15 Confessions from Beautiful Agony 
00:46:20 Concept of socially responsible porn 
00:47:47 Ethical porn – Richards understanding of this concept and how Feck introduces ethics into their production 
00:50:20 Porn as a source of sex education for people 
01:01:40 Porn and “charmless rendering of human sexuality”
01:13:47 Situations where something did not go to the plan on the shoot day

Beautiful Agony:
I Feel Myself:
I Shot Myself:

In the podcast, Richard mentioned 10 commands from Below you can read through them: 

  • Make quality Erotica which is rewarding for the contributor as well as the audience
  • Ensure all contributors at Feck have a positive experience
  • Engage the mind in the sphere of erotic experience
  • Appreciate the contributor as a person, beyond their physical appearance
  • Show the beauty in all bodies whatever their shape, age or colour
  • Value the beauty of natural mind & body above glamour and cosmetic enhancement
  • Discard stereotypes and predictability in favour of creativity and adventure
  • Subvert the dominant models of erotica & show women as powerful beings, independent of men
  • Make erotica which is culturally valuable and equally appealing to both women and men
  • Maintain the highest possible standard in everything we do
  • Be recognised as the most innovative producers of erotica in the entire world

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