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Paulita Pappel

Paulita Pappel is a Spanish filmmaker and feminist pornographer. After studying comparative literature in Berlin, she worked both in front and behind the camera. She is the founder of, a platform dedicated to the sex lives of real-life couples from around the world. She also co-organizes and curates the Pornfilmfestival in Berlin. Paulita works as a producer, performer, director, screenwriter and podcaster, and is an advocate for a sex-positive, consent-based culture.

Recently she started working on her new creation where she directs and participates in ethically created gang-bang stories. 

Paulita believes that there is much more to intimacy and relationships than what happens in the bedroom and therefore she created POV – an inclusive platform that takes a deeper look into the world of sex, sexuality and relationships, one point of view at a time.

Podcast Navigation

00:05:05 – Childhood and family.
00:06:45 – Sexuality in her teenage years.
00:08:34 – Sexual education in school.
00:13:00 – Discussions with parents about her sexuality.
00:13:38 – The first mention of Paulita’s fascination with pornography.
00:14:05 – The first contact with the porn industry.
0015:34 – Marit Östberg ( Swedish journalist and filmmaker that created the porn film in which Paulita participated in (her first porn movie participation).
00:19:30 – The first sexual experience and the very first kiss.
00:22:30 – Paulita’s take on “losing” virginity.
00:32:00 – The first experience of watching herself on the big screen.
00:34:30 – How porn experience translates to Paulita’s relationships.
00:38:45 – “The conversation” (How Paulita informed her parents about her sex work).
00:52:00 – – the idea behind it.
00:54:30 – How Paulita ensures that her performers are making the right decision before participating in a porn film.
01:03:00 – Why it’s taboo to enjoy porn.
01:06:45 – A rough day at work and how Paulita deals with it.
01:13:12 – Workday rituals.
01:16:40 – Advice to other performers and porn producers.

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(Photo credit: Lukas Papierak)