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Ola Miedzynska is a sex technology and adult tech entrepreneur, business consultant, sex tech hackathon advisor, sex work advocate and feminist. Ola’s career has centred around the technology industry for over a decade, from early-stage startup development to corporate consulting. From augmented reality to wearables, she worked with over 180 global sex tech brands. 

She is a founder and CEO of Sxtech EU – the only global sex tech platform and annual conference dedicated to the innovation of technology inside the sex tech and adult tech industry.  Ola actively supports technological transformation in building a global ecosystem around two bridging industries – sex tech and adult tech. As co-founder of she advocates for sex workers’ rights by bridging the gap between sex technology and destigmatization of sex work.

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00:33 – Growing up under the Iron Curtain
01:22 – Reflecting on the societal shifts in Poland post 1990s and how they affected communication about intimacy
08:44 – Formative personal experiences
15:14 – Sexual identity exploration
22:26 – Entering the world of sex tech and adult industry
34:57 – Erobella’s mission and safety measures
01:22 – Future of sex tech and impact on traditional sex work


Sex-ed book mentioned by Izzy: Przysposobienie do życia w rodzinie. Authors: W. Sokoluk, D. Andziak, M. Trawinska (Publication year 1987).
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