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Maria Riot

Maria Riot – a sex worker and sex workers’ activist with many years of experience. Maria was born in Argentina and currently, she is living in Spain. She does web-caming, online and in-person sex work, she is a porn performer and director. She is also a member of AMMAR – sex workers union in Argentina. 

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00:03:15 – Childhood and teenage years, approach toward religion, shame and guilt about sexuality, sex education,
00:19:35 – The most significant sexual experience
00:25:30 – Coming out with her sexuality and affection toward women
00:31:30 – Pivoting toward sex work and a guest appearance of Maria’s cat 🙂
00:40:50 – Maria’s inspiration for working in porn
00:49:00 – Facing stigma and discrimination
00:51:50 – Coming out to parents about the sex work
00:58:30 – Good and bad about sex work
01:07:38 – How people who don’t do sex work can support sex workers
01:09:55 – Setting boundaries with clients or when performing on a porn set
01:16:20 – Values – Fair pay and diversity in Porn
01:18:46 – Binary way of porn
01:25:30 – Finding the right company to work with
01:32:45 – Working with female clients
01:37:35 – Influence of sex work and flexible hours on mental health
01:43:45 – Favourite book (Question from a fan)


Song “Teenage Riot” from Sonic Youth
Maria on Twitter: @riotmaria
Maria on Instagram: @riot.maria.x 
Favourite author: Alfonsina Storni, her work
Favourite books: “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work” by Mason Currey
“We Too”: We Too: Essays on Sex Work and Survival
“Freedom & Prostitution” by Cassandra Troyan

Photo credit: Dánae, IG: @danaeshootsfilm