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Jason Domino

Today’s podcast is the first one where a sex worker speaks in-depth on a selected topic. The topic that I have selected was HIV and sex industry. The person with whom I had a pleasure to talk with is Jason Domino. Jason is the sexual health and wellbeing lead for the UK Adult Professionals (UKAP) and a practising sex worker. Jason speaks from his own experience and he is very vested in and passionate about sexual health, specifically topics like HIV and PrEP. I have learned a lot from talking to him and he provided me with more information than I have gotten from anyone in the past. I hope you will find it useful and it will give you strong fundamental knowledge to ask further questions. The interview was focused around HIV prevention, function and use of PrEP and PeP, the importance of understanding different HIV tests and what is the window period or undetectable load of HIV, and how it works.

This podcast contains a lot of detailed information, and at the end of it, you may have more questions. For this (and many other) reasons we have opened a comment section on (scroll completely to the bottom of the page, it’s a little hidden :)). If you want to know more, need further clarification or have general feedback feel free to leave a comment. Please remember to be generous and constructive in your comments. Nasty and sarcastic behaviour will not be tolerated.

A disclaimer
Neither of us is a licenced medical professional, so if you are considering to start on PrEP or have any concerns or questions about your health I recommend you consult with your GP (general practitioner) or any other licenced medical professional. Neither of us takes responsibility for your actions or health. We are here to provide information and create awareness on this important subject.

Podcast Navigation

00:04:00 – Sexual health – meaning 
0016:15 – PrEP and PeP 
00:24:46 – Jason’s story on his first time having sex with a person who was HIV positive, and him not knowing it before or during the production
00:29:03 – ART (medication that is taken by people who are positive on HIV) and U=U (Undetectable equals Un-transmittable) 
00:30:27 – Research about HIV 
00:36:20 – Window Period and HIV tests types – what is the window period and how it differs depending on different HIV test
00:58:13 – Where and how to get PeP in case of potential HIV exposure 
00:04:05 – Common misconceptions in sex industry about PrEP and HIV
01:05:43 – What are other health checks that people should be aware of/ do when on PrEP
01:11:33 – Pledge – Porn Professionals For Safety Against Discrimination 
01:28:31 – How to access PrEP


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