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Court Vox

Court Vox is a Somatic Sex Educator, Intimacy Consultant and the founder of The Body Vox, where he provides a fresh and unique form of therapy that helps individuals embrace their bodies and be more comfortable with intimacy. Unlike traditional therapy which is mainly through talk Vox uses hands-on body-based exercises. 
We had a conversation about vocalising and understanding pleasure, the importance of having honest and deep conversations with the partner and discovering intimate self. 
Dive into this fascinating conversation with “Introverted extrovert” Court Vox.

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00:02:24 – Intimacy when growing up, Somatic exercises that Vox’s mum introduced into his life
00:08:26 – Coming out, being queer, intimate relationships
00:11:27 – Sex education, understanding our intimate side, vocalizing pleasure 
00:26:34 – First kiss, first experience with a man and a few other firsts 
00:36:43 – How to make “dirty talk” in the bedroom more authentic 
00:40:47 – Post-sex talks (aka “Processing”)
00:47:23 – Too much intimacy 
00:49:23 – Ways to create novelty in monogamous long term relationships
00:55:38 – Getting into Somatic Education, Back to the body workshop
01:13:57 – Mental health and self-care


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