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Cintia Taylor

Cintia Taylor is a writer, director for film and theatre and storytelling specialist. In her work, she is driven by stories of women and womanhood and talks about important topics like depression or life after sexual assault (her latest film: Clinch). She also believes that the mainstream film industry can learn from the good practices of the porn industry. In the first part of the podcast, I explored Cintia’s personal stories and stories that she tells through her work. In the second part, we focused on the production of intimate scenes – directing and ensuring the actors’ safety. In this episode, Cintia shares a lot of wisdom on the topics of stereotypes of seduction, male gaze, feminism, crafting intimacy in a safe way, statistic about sexual assault and her thoughts on critical thinking. Cintia is a fantastic and creative woman with a very interesting background, if you want to know her a little bit more, have a listen to this podcast. 

Podcast Navigation

00:02:08 – Start
00:05:30 – Cintia’s story, starting with directing films
00:10:00 – Poetry as a way of making a meaningful change and creativity
00:23:25 – Critical thinking and ability to deal with feedback as a part of a self-learning process
00:39:39 – The citizens of the world – move between different countries and the feeling of belonging
00:48:40 – The importance of telling the stories of womanhood – the narrative Cintia has chosen to tell in her work (celebrating diversity and womanhood and talking about topics of taboo)
00:51:04 – Feminism, the importance of the study of female perspective and the male gaze
01:01:01 – Clinch – the story of a woman overcoming sexual violence, statistics for sexual assault
01:11:50 – “Wet” – Theatrical play about women sex and porn
01:16:06 – intimacy – Cintia’s definition and ensuring actors’ comfort in the play, tactics/exercises. Approach to consent.
01:26:00 – What mainstream film can learn from porn – Cintia’s take on it


Cintia’s Vimeo account
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