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Is having sex empowering? Where is the limit when it comes to filming more hard-core scenes? Is showing consent in adult films sexy or a turn-off? These and many more topics we tackled in the conversation with Bea Blue – a wonderful human being and a great filmmaker. 

Bea is a Viennese filmmaker based in Berlin. Her adult movies aim to show authentic forms of sexual pleasure, exploration and play. She is dedicated to creating adult media where everyone feels safe and respected. Follow her work @__beablue in Instagram or Twitter.

Podcast Navigation

00:00:10 – amateur performers 
00:04:25 – aftercare
00:07:00 – director’s vision and being flexible 
00:14:45 – having the right sex 
00:17: 38 – dating, and personal relationships
00:22:00 – showing kinks, BDSM and different forms of hard-core sex in porn – where is the limit
00:25:40 – how porn can show consent 
00:36:40 – Ethical adult media 
00:40:20 – Language
00:47:44 – are the films you produce part of your personality or do you separate it
00:50:40 – fantasies 
00:57:00 – Cancel Culture 
01:01:00 – sexual scripts 
01:03:40 – growing up and intimacy
01:05:45 – power
01:07:18 – why porn


Mentioned book: NEU SEX
First porn documentary that got Bea interested in the adult content creation: