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Avril Louise Clarke is a clinical sexologist and educational manager at The Porn Conversations, the platform that focuses on comprehensive and science-based sex-ed and porn literacy. In addition, she recently took on the role of Intimacy Coordinator for ErikaLust Productions and in this podcast episode, she shared her experience with this role. 

On her social media, she talks about sexual education that focuses not only on prevention but primarily on pleasure. At The Porn Conversations, she co-created the porn literacy materials tailored to kids of different age groups that help parents have conversations with their kids about porn and its message.

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00:02:14 – Background info, family, sexuality
00:14:05 – First experience with pornography
00:22:22 – Influence of porn on people
00:30:30 – How to think critically about the media that we consume
00:37:08 – Porn literacy – definition
00:40:53 – Good vs bad porn
00:43:52 – IC role
00:54:09 – Intimate conversations in private life – how to do it right?


Avrils IG: sexology_girl
ThePornConversations IG: ThePornConversations
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