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Zina Berlin

Zina Berlin is a sex worker with over four years of experience who enjoys different kinks and fetishes. She appeared in diffrent porn films, created her content, did webcamming and worked directly with clients. Zina also has a background in psychology and practices sexological bodywork – a form of therapy that Zina is using with her clients. It’s a complex subject, and Zina does a great job at explaining it and introducing some of the practices she is using. 

In this episode, we spoke about many different topics. Some of them were how growing up influenced who she is right now or establishing boundaries in life and sex work. The second part of this episode is more practical because Zina introduced exercises or ways that help to develop boundaries and navigate through sexual pleasure and desire.  

Establishing sexual boundaries and understanding your desire can influence positively other areas of your life. Desire it’s not something we are born with, and it will just happen. It needs work. It’s like a dormant skill that needs dusting off and waking up. And when we understand our sexual desire, what we like and dislike, this will directly translate to establishing our sexual boundaries. One of the exercises that Zina presented, called a 3-minute game, is a great start to slowly start exploring sexual pleasure.  

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00:00:10 – intro, workday, latex outfits
00:07:00 – growing up
00:08:40 – sex work in covid times
00:13:00 – hobbies while growing up (achievement vs fun)
00:16:55 – talking about intimacy while growing up (open/closed door)
00:20:10 – first sexual experience / fantasy / self pleasure, sex ed. 
00:26:30 – first encounter with porn
00:29:20 – getting caught in public kink / being dominated
00:35:00 – beginning of sex fork/academia
00:41:30 – first experience with doing porn
00:44:00 – setting up boundaries before a porn shoot/communication
00:47:40 – exercises that help to establish connection and boundaries / giving vs taking
00:55:30 – 3-minute game
01:01:35 – dealing with no
01:08:10 – the importance of touch
01:15:40 – sexological bodywork
01:20:50 – typical bodywork session
01:27:00 – Zina’s dream for future/healing sex work


Twitter: @zinaberlin