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Are we privileged with our accessibility to sex and pleasure? What is sexcare? Can pornography help disabled people with exploring sexual pleasure? These and many other topics I discussed with Sofie van den Haak.

Sofie van den Haak is an applied psychologist who works with different organisations that help disabled people explore intimacy and sex. She started working at the age of 15 in health care. First, she worked helping people with dementia, and for the last three years, she focused on people with disabilities and their need for intimacy and sexual expression. Her mission is to help vulnerable people in society to feel more heard, seen and loved.   

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00:00:28 – How it all started
00:08:19 – defining terms like disability and sex-care
00:18:09 – exploring intimacy, communication, and aspect of coaching in sex-care
00:27:16 – consent and boundaries
00:31:13 – ethics
00:42:10 – the process – intake, matching, preparation
00:48:55 – activities provided by sexcarer during the appointment
00:53:35 – pornography and disability
00:58:22 – sexcarer’s boundaries
01:02:57 – becoming a sexcarer
01:06:24 – sexcare globally


Contact Sofie via her LinkedIn (Sofie decided that LinkedIn is more appropriate than her email address)

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