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Sara Brown

Sara Brown (she/they) is a queer human, performer, actor, dancer, and director working in live performance, theatre, and cinema, based in Barcelona, Spain.

She’s the art director of the multidisciplinary platform IL MONSTRO (former PLEASUREisPOWER), exploring pleasure, desire, sexuality, and gender through different art forms and live events. As a part of it, she’s currently producing and directing IL MONSTRO – A Freak Show!, a long-form performance combining contemporary dance and cabaret, theatre and acrobatics, on the conflictual relationship between “normals” and “queers” – is reconciliation even possible?  

Sara is also a writer interested in sexual politics, gender, and how these are told by the media. She advocates for a more positive and honest approach to sex, encouraging more porn literacy in schools and less stigma on sex workers’ work.

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00:00:15 – Childhood, growing up. Good and bad experiences.
00:22:00 – IG post discussion, LGBTQ label, abusive behaviour, what queer means for Sara,
01:04:30 – Public talks in school and being outed in an Italian newspaper about her work in porn.


Sara in Instagram @sssarabrown & @il__monstro
Twitter: @sssarabrown


The research mentioned by Sara:
Teresa de Lauretis: Queer Theory: Lesbian and Gay Sexualities

Films mentioned by Sara:
The Year of the Femme by Cassie Donish (2019)
Femme Fatale by Brian de Palma (2003)
Below her mouth by April Mullen (2016) Available on Netflix
Another of my absolute favourite lesbian movies is The Handmaiden by Park Chan-wook (2016)

Photo credits: Delicia B