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In this episode, I spoke with Maria Bettina, a former competitive rower who became an adult media entrepreneur. She founded Freyja, a platform that combined adult content and sex education.

Maria shared with me her journey and the challenges she encountered along the way. Because she ran XXX company, she faced various difficulties, including having her bank account closed, and struggled with marketing her site due to social media restrictions. But every limitation breeds creativity, and so Maria came up with a funny way to captivate the audience and promote her content across the platforms. Also … she turns her favourite social media insults into statements on mugs.

Maria addressed the lack of proper content moderation, not only within adult platforms but across social media in general. And we dived into how Freyja has implemented effective moderation practices.

Moreover, Maria emphasises the significance of sex education and porn literacy. And we spoke about who bears responsibility for creating a safer and more inclusive industry for both insiders and consumers.

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Podcast Navigation

00:01:00 Watching porn
00:05:30 Social media banns and influencers marketing
00:20:50 Harmful regulations
00:26:16 Starting a site with adult content
00:32:00 Overcoming issues with banking
00:36:10 Ethical porn and verification system
00:46:30 Licensing content vs content being uploaded
00:50:20 Age verification
00:57:30 Values
00:59:20 Student-teacher porn
01:13:30 Reporting content


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