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Garion Hall

In this podcast, I am talking with Garion Hall, the Owner and founder of – the porn site that produces content of amateur models. The company goes against mainstream standards by encouraging performers to keep their natural look. Garion’s story takes us on a 20 year-long journey of producing adult content. 

During our conversation, we talked about the company’s clearly defined standards and ethics, how the production of porn with real-life couples looks like and where the challenges are. Garion told us about 5 am police raid on his house and a stressful time when he faced the false allegations of producing underaged porn. This interview is special for me because is a place where I started working 10 years ago and it was my first experience in the adult media industry.

Jump on this podcast to listen to Garion’s story, and I hope you are going to enjoy it as much as I did.

Special note: This was also one of my first podcasts recorded, and while listening to it afterwards I released that I made a few generations that I should not have made. They are happening mostly in the beginning and I hope you can go through this part without abandoning this interview.


00:01:45 – Introduction.
00:16:00 – How the idea of producing porn with amateur models was born.
00:22:20 – First shoot production.
00:41:15 – Church and brothel.
00:52:00 – Legal issue and the false accusations of producing underaged porn.
00:53:20 – Moving the company overseas.
00:56:15 – Visit of police on set in Amsterdam.
01:14:25 – Description of work ethics within the company and Garion’s point of view on ethical porn.
01:17:25 – Performers making an informed decision and how ensures to provide models with factual information.
01:21:00 – “Cooling-off” period as part of policy for working with performers.
01:32:40 – How consumers can choose ethical porn.
01:41:30 – Advice to people who would like to appear in porn and/or produce it.

Links – Main website – Couple recruitment/info page – Female models recruitment page – FAQ for models – Contract Shoot Producers recruitment page – The questions Garion mentioned at the end of the podcast