Eva Oh

Today’s guest is Eva Oh, an international, professional dominatrix. She runs her slave training with carefully crafted courses that reveal who she is and how she wants her slaves to serve her. She also organizes something called #teakink, where she talks with BDSM community members to demystify BDSM and sexuality trough the intimacy of tea ceremony. 

I didn’t know much about domination or the BDSM community, so I was really looking forward to our meeting, and I was very grateful to talk with Eva. She is a cheerful and lovely person, and she did a great job of leading me through the mysteries of the BDSM world. I intended to focus on consent and pushing boundaries within BDSM practice, but naturally, we covered some other topics like work during the pandemic and her overcoming self-doubt.

Podcast Navigation

00:03:30 – start and intro
00:05:40 – Growing up in a Christian and a female-dominated environment 
00:13:50 – First sexual experience 
00:15:30 – First contact with pornographic images/film
00:20:45  – Work in pandemic time
00:25:55 – Lifestyle vs Professional Dominatrix 
00:27:40 – Consent and boundaries in domination (lifestyle part)
00:34:50 – The typical day of work 
00:37:30 – Difference between sub and slave 
00:40:10 – Slave position – what is it?
00:41:50 – What slaves learn during the training on youwillpleaseme.com / BDSM identities discovery 
00:45:04 – Physical vs psychological punishment
00:48:25 – Crossing boundaries in corporal punishment, where to draw the line. 
00:55:50 – Recruitment of slaves 
01:00:55 – Financial domination 
01:07:45 – Eva explains how she cares for her mental health in this emotionally demanding work
01:09:45 – Things that a professional dominatrix never does
01:11:40 – Kinks and fetishes that Eva enjoys the most
01:19:15 – Overcoming self-doubt 
01:22:45 – Tips for couples who would like to start practising dom and sub relationship
01:22:50 – Recommendations for any woman who would like to start working as a dominatrix 


https://instagram.com/youwillplease_me – Eva on Instagram
https://www.eva-oh.com/ – Eva Oh main website
https://www.youwillpleaseme.com/ – Slave training site
https://www.eva-oh.com/guide/ – Sex Work Guide by Eva Oh
https://academy.thedominatrixarchetype.com/ Dominatrix training – The Domina Archetype ™ ️ Online Academy
https://www.londondominatrixschool.co.uk/ – Dominatrix school in London