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Trained as a sex educator, psychologist, and certified clinical sexologist, Camille Bataillon brings rich expertise to the realm of sexual wellness. In 2019, in the heart of Brussels, she co-founded a centre dedicated to this cause. By 2021, she expanded her reach and started working as a sexologist on the first teleconsultation platform devoted to women’s sexual well-being. Apart from her hands-on therapeutic work, Camille has penned a book about sexuality after childbirth, offering her readers invaluable insights, which she also shared on this podcast episode. Working with individuals and couples worldwide, her mission is clear: to foster understanding and deepen the joy in their intimate lives.

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Podcast Navigation

00:00:00 – Introduction and general discussion about self-care
00:05:20 – The concept of me-time and its importance in daily routine
00:10:40 – Strategies for personal well-being and mindfulness
00:16:00 – The role of partners in supporting self-care practices
00:21:20 – Community and social aspects of self-care and well-being
00:26:40 – The impact of lifestyle choices on personal health
00:32:00 – Approaches to mental health and self-perception
00:37:20 – Discussion on maintaining identity and individuality
00:42:40 – The significance of communication in personal relationships
00:48:00 – Balancing personal needs with relationship dynamics
00:53:20 – Exploring the connection between body image and self-esteem
00:58:40 – Addressing the challenges of postpartum experiences
01:04:00 – Techniques and positions in maintaining a satisfying sex life postpartum
01:09:20 – Reconnecting with one’s body and partner post-childbirth
01:14:40 – Conclusion and contact info


Camille Bataillon’s website
Camille’s podcast on Spotify (English version)
Instagram Camilleparlesexe