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Alison Boden is a veteran adult entertainment industry executive currently serving as an  Executive Director for FSC (Free Speach Coalition). She has worked in the industry since 2003 in various roles. From the project manager and marketing director through the software engineering and technology executive. One of the places she worked was, where she ensured the professional treatment of performers and an ethical approach to the production of the scenes. 

Alison holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a concentration in Women’s Studies from the University of Pittsburgh. Recently she was voted XBIZ’s Community Figure of The Year. 

With her work, Alison supports and advocates for marginalised groups and people’s fundamental rights.

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00:01:40 – Blow-up doll costume
00:08:40 – Growing up
00:15:51 – Selling sex toys
00:24:21 – Sociatey and sexual pleasure
00:27:28 – Free pornography and its impact on the industry
00:35:25 – SESTA – FOSTA and social media
00:46:25 – Adult content and sex-ed
00:56:37 – Porn and values
01:00:55 – Bodily harm, consent and filming kink
01:05:08 – Ethical process
01:08:28 – The motivation
01:11:18 – Abortion


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