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Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams, a very intelligent, good-hearted activist and sex performer, who completed her degree in anthropology and sociology. Now she works toward her PhD that talks about regulation of online pornography in the UK and how this affects the people who produce it. She gives lectures on a university and she works together with National Ugly Mugs UK ( – a charity that works toward ending violence against sex workers. 

We talked about her personal experience as a porn performer, her attraction toward women and why it was hard at first for her to understand being attracted to anyone else than men. Abigail talked about how she gained her first sexual experience in a threesome and how her abusive (past) relationship directed her toward porn. We dived deeper into talking about her favourite fetishes and how porn can help young people to explore their sexuality. 

I also would like to note small friction that went unnoticed during the recording of this podcast. We had some sound issues and sometimes the audio may go very low, sorry for this! Likely the audio problem is only on my side, and you can hear perfectly fine everything that Abigail says, and her message is the one that is powerful and must be heard! 

So If you are eager to hear from Abigail jump on this podcast and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Podcast Navigation

00:04:20 – The way Abigail came up with her stage name
00:06:18 – Abigaile’s childhood and family
00:08:48 – Discovering her sexuality
00:10:31 – Sex education
00:15:25 – Describes her attraction toward women
00:19:40 – First sexual experience
00:23:50 – The single moment that turned Abigail toward the porn industry
00:29:10 – The first shoot experience
00:33:52 – “The conversation”
00:36:15 – Disclosing to partners the nature of her work
00:39:00 – The PhD thesis on an idea called legal consciousness – how people interpret and interact with the law and how this presents itself in UK BDSM porn
00:42:50 – Fetishes
00:46:39 – How else we can use porn
00:54:04 – Porn and sex work being stigmatised – Abigail’s take on this.
01:05:36 – Advice to someone who is getting into the industry
01:07:31 – The biggest failure and the learnings
01:11:55 – Things that Abigail wished to know before working in porn
01:15:00 – “Before the shoot” rituals


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