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Let’s Talk

This is the first kind of talk about “What can we learn about consent from Porn?”

I am excited to introduce you to our first RedCheeks talk on 22nd April.

I would love this to be a conversation and a shared experience, but I totally understand if you wish to remain silent throughout the event.

During the 60 min of the Zoom call, I will share information about:

  • Approach to consent – it’s an ongoing discussion, and it should always be reversible. How we approach consent in the adult media industry, and what can we do better?
  • A conversation is a tool – how the conversation in porn looks like, how can it improve, and what can we learn from it.
  • Finding and exploring boundaries – what can we learn from porn about setting and exploring boundaries.
  • Question: How being asked for consent can impact your intimate experience?

Your host,