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As an intimacy coach, Izabela offers practical, evidence-based advice to help her clients cultivate their understanding of intimacy and build stronger, more fulfilling relationships

Unlike many coaches who work with energies and hide behind esoteric lingo, Izabela focuses on providing her clients with practical and effective strategies.

Over the last decade, Izabela successfully coordinated hundreds of intimate scenes while adhering to the ethical production process.

Whether you are struggling with communication, navigating the ups and downs of a long-term relationship, or simply looking to deepen your understanding of intimacy, Izabela has the experience and expertise to help. 

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Private Session

Izabela offers one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals or couples who are looking to improve their intimacy and relationships.

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Group Session

Do you feel better in a group? Izabela leads engaging educational workshops for groups of all sizes, covering a range of topics related to intimacy in personal and professional lives.

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Business Consulting

As a consultant, Izabela can leverage her experience in the production of ethical adult media and help your company to cultivate a healthy company culture and professional production process.

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